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We’d like to express our appreciation for the patients who have previously participated or are currently enrolled in our clinical trials. Your contributions will help others as a result of the knowledge gained from your participation.

Our Clinical Trials

We’re actively recruiting patients to participate in clinical trials to evaluate our therapeutic candidates. If you believe you might be a good candidate, we encourage you to reach out directly via the link below.

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Cardiac Surgery

RBT-1 (stannic protoporfin/iron sucrose) is a novel product that is given to patients one time via IV infusion, 24-48 hours prior to them undergoing cardiothoracic surgery. It has been shown in Phase 2 studies to protect against postoperative surgical complications (extended ICU stay, intubation, hospital stay and readmission rate).

Clinical Trials


Nephrotoxicity (kidney damage)

RBT-3 is a novel, low molecular weight iron that will be entering clinical trials in 2023 to prevent nephrotoxicity (kidney damage) in oncology patients who are undergoing a cisplatin-based chemotherapy regimen to treat their cancer.

Clinical Trials

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